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Coming together for a common goal.

Crowd with Masks

The U.S. is seeing a shortage of surgical masks due to the COVID19 pandemic. As a result, health care providers (and others) in need of masks have begun to turn to handmade fabric masks. We want to help them out.

We are converting our store Jacks of Knoxville into a distribution site to get masks to health care providers in smaller facilities and smaller towns.

We will be accepting masks and shipping them out from our store. 

make masks

Fabric Masks

There are two types of fabric masks that are helpful. Masks that go over the N95 medical masks that help prolong the life of the mask, and a mask fitted with a pocket for a vacuum filter that acts as the next best thing to a surgical mask.

If possible, please follow one of the patterns below, if you are already using a different pattern or want to use a different pattern we will still accept it!

Over Medical Mask

Built-In Filter

Send masks

Sending To Those In Need

We are receiving masks at our store location in Knoxville and then distributing them to facilities that request them. 

To help out, please send masks to the address below.

Make sure that masks are washed and placed individually in a zip-locking bag. 

If you are local to Knoxville, you can also drop masks off, if you want to do that, please say so in the form below.

Jacks of Knoxville

133c S Gay St.

Knoxville, TN 37902

Need masks

Need Masks?

Whether you need one mask, or one hundred, let us know.

We will be in touch asap.


Make or Request Masks

Select one:

Thank you,

we'll be in touch.

**Due to limited supply and the growing number of masks available for purchase, we are limiting the number of masks we can send to individuals and companies.

Donated masks will be primarily for health care providers, public service workers, and individuals who cannot afford to buy masks.

If you are an individual or company who can purchase masks, please see the makers at the bottom of this page who are selling them. 



You can also donate normal masks if you have any and we will help get those to health care professionals.

If you can't make or donate masks, you can still help out financially. We are not a non-profit, but we made a paypal account to receive donations. Any donations we receive will go to that account until sent to end recipient. 

Here's where donations will go: Shipping costs, material purchasing, paid fulfillment assistance, and perhaps mask purchasing. Any funds leftover at the end of this will go to a coronavirus or medical related non-profit.

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Buy Masks

Buy Masks

If you are an individual who can buy a mask instead of taking a donated mask, please check out this list of makers who are selling masks

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