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Jacks Avenue consists of two Knoxville transplants who

enjoy designing, dreaming, and creating. We love to travel and

in our time together, we have seen some pretty amazing places.

Logan works in architecture and I, Katherine, grew up immersed in architecture so most of our sight seeing involves cities,

buildings, and homes. We decided a great way to preserve and

share these memories is to sketch, paint, and print what we investigate on these trips.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.


Logan is an expert dreamer and sometimes has difficulty turning off his brain because he's constantly coming up with ways to improve the world around him. He loves modern architecture, minimalist designs, and simplistic concepts. As a true extrovert, he never runs into a stranger and can network unlike anyone I've ever seen do it before.


The Hands Behind the Sketches


The Heart Behind the Color


Katherine is a genius and a beauty to boot. She has a heart of gold and a knack for understanding people more than they understand themselves. Not only does she help Jacks Avenue run smoothly, but she runs her own photography business as well. She's talented at everything she does and is dangerously effective but with a gentle touch.

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