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***The deadline to submit a custom order needed before 2019 has passed. If you don't need your item for the holidays, feel free to still email us and we will set a deadline for your project early 2019. Thanks!!***


Perhaps it's your first house, the place you got married, a significant building, or simply a piece of a structure - like a front door or a steeple.

Then there's format - originals, multiples, wedding invites, letters, etc... there is a lot we can do! Email us with your idea, we will ask for a picture of what you want and give you a quote.


  • Houses tend to be around $200 (more or less by simplicity and size)

  • Iconic buildings that we could sell modified prints of will be discounted

  • Wholesale for your store is completely possible and we would love to do that!

  • We will offer a discount for multiple custom pieces (ie: realtors or designers who want to give customs to clients)


When we do a custom project, we will give you a code for your price on this listing. Prices range from about $200-300 depending on the size and scope of what you want - message us, we're happy to chat with you!


Custom Projects | Contact Us

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