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Hosting a birthday party, a shower, or getting married?

Cotton candy makes every gathering more fun and memorable!

Don't see pricing that matches what you're looking for?

Contact us and let's talk!

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About Hot Sugar

Hot Sugar is a mobile cotton candy cart that can pretty much go anywhere there is an outlet for power! We love celebrating all types of moments-- big or small!

We use organic cotton candy mixes that are free of all major allergens. We currently have birthday cake, blueberry, strawberry cheesecake, watermelon, maple, pumpkin spice, as well as whiskey and champagne for adult parties.
We also have the traditional orange cream, blue raspberry and pink vanilla mixes if you're looking for pure nostalgia! However, if you can think of a flavor thats not listed that would be perfect for your theme, there is probably a mix for it and we can get it for your event.

Our set up is minimal and neutral colored so the cart can fit in with any party decor. We also have a collection of small neon signs to choose from, that we can hang on the cart to give your event a little extra somethin'.

Have more questions for us? Send in a contact form or email!
We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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